SYNACTIF intensive cream (crème intensive)

SYNACTIF intensive cream (crème intensive)

This intensive cream addresses all visible signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, sagging, dark spots and dullness by helping to optimize nightly skin functions for vibrant resilience and providing superior brightening and skin retexturizing benefits to create a moisturized complexion with beautiful clarity.
40ml, $1,000

• Retinol ACE — improves skin’s ability to diminish lines and wrinkles

• MACC — a scientific first, patent-pending and Synactif exclusive ingredient strengthens the functionality of the lymphatic channel as it detoxifies the skin and optimizes the skin’s natural purifying process

• 4MSK & Vitamin C-Ethyl — superior brightening ingredients reduce the appearance of spots and freckles

• Dual Hyaluronic Acid Complex — provides intense moisture

• Vitamin E — an effective anti-oxidant protects skin from external and environmental aggressors

• Green Tea — a powerful anti-oxidant repairs DNA damage

• Gambir — inhibits elastin breakdown to keep skin firm and supple

• Chai Hu — increases collagen production and hyaluronic acid to create firm skin

• Rose SYNACTIF — an exclusive, elegant yet light fragrance creates a rich and luxurious daily skincare experience